If you like to add a touch of American style into your kitchen, then there are multiple options. You can consider the best American fridge freezer to satisfy all your needs. You can choose the best one according to its capacity, features, and price.

Review Of Hisense RS694N4TC1

Here we are going to review on the Hisense RS694N4TC1 in this guide and it will assist you in finding the best features of RS694 and you can get a idea before choosing the model for your home.


The Hisense RS694N4TC1 American fridge freezer provides you ice and chilled water on tap, and you do not have to go for any plumbing. You have to fill its water tank, and it will automatically pump round to the freezer. Then you can dispense water as well as ice from its freezer door.
It features the iconic side-by-side design and comes with a stainless steel look and black steel which offers a trendy look to your kitchen. It comes with a capacity of 535 litres and a standard width of 95 cm. It provides you refreshingly chilled water every time for sure.


The Hisense RS694 is a great option to add to your home appliances. It houses non-plumbed water as well as ice dispenser on the front. It also furnishes the most advanced inverter compressor for saving energy.
The compressor of RS694 is noiseless, and it provides a constant temperature. It also enhances the life of your fridge. This model also houses features like Super Cool Function and Total No Frost as well as Multi Air Flow.
Its LED display allows you to set the temperature of the freeze as well as freezer along with fast chill and fast freeze


With this feature, you can preserve the nutrient as well as the taste of your food. It also comes with a Holiday mode by which you can turn off your freeze, but you do not have to turn off your freezer.
RS694 furnishes two large drawers inside the fridge where you can keep your fruits and vegetable. The refrigerator comes with completely fixed shelves.

There are some advanced features as well in Hisense RS694 such as the open door alarm. It will warn you whenever you have left open the frozen door. This fridge freezer comes with A+ energy rating along with two years warranty for parts and labour warranty.

Total No Frost technology

No Frost technology is one of the most innovative features from Hisense, which flows the cold air evenly all over the fridge as well as the freezer. It prevents the formation of ice crystals, and you do not have to defrost it manually.
Non-Plumbed Water and Ice Dispenser

With its non-plumbed water and ice dispenser, you can get cooled water, cubed ice and crushed ice with a single touch of the button.

Advanced Inverter Technology

Due to the presence of advanced inverter technology, the compressor of Hisense RS694 is capable of measuring the inside condition of your fridge and regulates the cooling output accordingly.
It also saves a high amount of energy and enhances the lifespan of the machine.


• Stylish Look
• Handle-less design
• Water as well as ice dispenser
• No need for plumbing
• Easy to move
• Handy Wine rack
• Total No Frost technology
• Advanced inverter technology


• Comparatively slower water dispenser
• Capacity is much smaller than other models
• Low energy rating
• Comparatively noisier


If you are looking for something stylish and trendy, then the Hisense RS694 is the best one for you. It offers excellent build quality, and you can move it around without any concern regarding plumbing.
You can get the cubed as well as crushed ice at your disposal anytime. If you can consider the little bit noisy part and the energy rating then this slim and advanced fridge freezer can be a great option at a reasonable price.

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