How do dishwashers work?

Dishwashers are nothing but a robot which cleans the dishes and then rinses them. One just has to place the dishes in the tray, add some good quality detergent to it, manually select a particular wash cycle and then lastly turn it off. A dishwasher performs a series of steps on its own, the steps are:

● It adds water itself
● It heats the water
● It opens the container of the detergent automatically at the perfect time
● The jets present in the dishwasher cleans the dishes
● The water which is used and dirty is drained automatically
● Sprays more water to make sure that the detergents are washed off properly
● Drains the used water again
● In case the option for drying the dishes has been selected the air inside the washer dries up which helps in drying the dishes

A dishwasher itself keeps a track whether it is running properly or not, there is a small timer on the dishwasher which regulates the time for each and every cycle. There is a sensor inbuilt which helps in checking the temperature of the water so that the dishes are not damaged due to the heat. The water level of the dishwasher is also checked by another sensor which checks that the water is not overflowing. In some dishwashers, there is a sensor which keeps a track on the cleanliness of the used water which helps in identifying whether the dishes are cleaned properly or not.

Inside a Dishwasher

Dishwashers do not store a lot of water in themselves, there is only a small container which is situated in the bottom which is filled up. The water is heated up to 130 or 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is well suited for the dishwasher. Then the water is sprayed out from the jets with the help of the pump which helps in cleaning the used dishes. The force in which the water is sprayed is very high because of which the dishes in which there are leftover food particles are being cleaned properly.

Once the washing of the dishes and rinsing them off is done the dirty and used water is again filled up in the container at the bottom from where the dispenser helps in draining the water. Depending upon the various types of the functions of a dishwasher, either the water is drained out with the help of a pipe or is drained out directly in the sink. The last function of a dishwasher is optional which is the dry cycle. If the user has opted for the dry cycle then only the dishes are dried up with the help of an element which helps in heating the air present inside the dishwasher which in turn helps in drying the dishes.

The dry cycle of the dishwasher would consume energy for the process so some users don’t opt for the drying cycle and instead keep the dishes out of the dishwasher which will automatically help in drying them without the use of energy.

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