How to Fix a Washing Machine Making Loud Noise During Wash Cycle

There would have times when you would have felt a lot of unwanted noise coming out of your washing machine. You must have got irritated with that sound.
But did you check, what’s wrong with your washing machine? It may be a simple problem to a more profound problem into your motor.

Since, that noise may be a sign to show you that something is wrong with the machine which needs to be troubleshooted.

It might be a simple nut that would have come out or might be a part that would have stopped working properly. If you are a technician then it may be easy for you to do so by just tightening the nut or replacing the spare part. But if you do not know anything about these stuff then you will definitely have a lot of problem in changing or even opening for troubleshoot.

So, here in this article, I will tell you how to fix a washing machine loud noise during wash cycle. If you need to change parts, then you can get it from many online stores. You may get discounts on most of the spare parts too.

Why washing machine makes noise?

There are a lot of different parts fitted in a washing machine for working correctly. All these parts needs to be fitted well to get a noise free washing machine. If you are not so tech friendly, then you must get a technician for doing it.
Now, let us go through the parts that are responsible for the noise coming out of a washing machine and lean how to fix them.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers can be find in all front load washing machines. The basic work of this part is to keep the tub at the centre. The shock absorbers are connected to the washing machine frame as well it is connected to the outer tub. Once it gets damaged the starts banging with the inner part of the washing machine frame and you will start getting banging sound coming out of the washing machine.

If this part is not get fixed on time, then it can even damage the other parts of the machine as well as can damage the washing machine body frame.

So, stop the machine when you get this type of sound and inspect your washing machine. Identify any sign of broken attachment or leaking fluid and take action as fast as possible.

Pump & Motor

Either it is a top loading or front loading washing machine, each one of them requires a pump and motor for pumping water outside of the tub during the washing cycle and even before start of the cycle.
There are basically 2 types of pumps-motor driven and belt driven. Any default in this can make high grinding noises that would sound so awful to you. To get it fixed you will have to take out the cabinet of the washing machine.
Remember to take out the plug, otherwise you can get an electric shock.

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